How to hide who you follow on facebook

How do I hide who follows me on Facebook?

How do I hide who follows me on Facebook? On the Facebook platform, which has been popular in our country for many years, the question of how to hide my followers on Facebook has been on the agenda lately. This question can be easily answered on most blog pages. The Facebook social media platform is a social media channel that has been constantly increasing in the number of users since its inception. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to come across a person who does not have a social media account.

The aspect of the Facebook platform that distinguishes it from other social media authorities is that the platform can appeal to users of all ages. In this respect, the platform reaches more users. Recently, Facebook has been making some innovations, especially in the friend and follower sections. Users can now easily edit their follower lists.

What Does It Mean To Follow On The Facebook Platform?

Today, the platform, which is the most preferred and has a large number of users, offers different features to users every day. One of the most curious and desired features is how to hide the Facebook follower list. Facebook, which has made a regulation in this regard and added features to the platform in line with the wishes of the users, is thus able to stand out from other platforms.

The phenomenon called following on the Facebook platform is that users can see the posts of another user without sending a friend request. In this following section, if users wish:

  • any celebrity
  • any brand page
  • journalists or politicians

They can follow without sending any friend requests. But the other party can hide his page or profile if he wants to. In this case, users can share posts without the possibility of following. The pages you want to follow must be public.

How to Hide Facebook Followers?

Facebook social media platform offers its users different features every day. One of these features is the feature that users prefer the most. Because users of the platform can choose to hide the pages or people they follow in their lists. If there are followers on this platform and you do not want them to appear, you can easily hide your follower list by following these steps.

  • You should go to your Facebook profile and come to the profile settings section.
  • You should click on the “Friends” option from the Settings section.
  • Afterward, click on the section next to the find my friend’s option and select edit privacy.

When you do all these, it is enough to activate the friend or pages you want to hide. Thus, you can easily organize your follower list.

Why do Facebook Followers want to Be Hidden?

On the Facebook platform, every user can follow the people and pages they want. In fact, he may not want the people he follows to be on his page after a while. This is not a problem for users. Because if there is an increase or decrease in the number of followers, the other party is not notified.

However, since the pages followed are actually the interests of the user, they can create interaction on the user’s page. This actually makes the page more popular. Some users may be uncomfortable with the pages they follow sharing too many posts. As a result, he may choose to hide his followers.

Are There Benefits of the Facebook Follower Feature?

With the follower feature in the Facebook application, which is one of today’s popular social media platforms, users can interact with people they do not make friends. The user’s profile becomes visible to more users. If the user is a well-known person, they can easily reach more audiences thanks to this feature. Although the follower feature is a feature with benefits, some users may want to hide their followers.

Notification Goes When Facebook Followers Are Hide?

You can easily unfollow people you don’t want to follow on the Facebook platform by saying unfollow. At the same time, when you hide your followers, no notification is sent to the other party. Therefore, when you give up on this idea, you can organize your follower list again.

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